Colour coded: white (oil only), grey (general purpose), yellow (hazchem).  Available in 100 & 200 pad bales and rolls.  We have a range of 15 polypropylene products available to suit your specific requirements


NEW AUSTRALIAN MADE - Oil only pads available.  These pads are reusable up to 50 times and measure in at 52 x 45 cm.  Made from needle punched polypropylene, these are the thickest pads available.  Ideal for day to day industry use, shoreline clean up operations, rock clean ups and general spill containment. Each pad is capable of absorbing up to 1.4 litres of oil or fuel.    Hazchem and General Purpose varieties available March 2004.



Needle Punched White Oil Only Polypropylene.  As per description above.

Australian Made. 45cm x 25cm pads. 200 pads per roll.

 product code - SC01308.






Universal Poly-backed Grey Industrial Rug.

A top layer of high strength polypropylene fibre is backed with a chemical barrier to keep fluids from seeping through. Has non-skid characteristics and absorbs approximately 49 litres per roll.

 product code - SC01402.





Universal Medium Weight Grey Poly-bonded Roll.

Ideal for demanding industrial applications. Absorbs hydrocarbons and water-based liquids. Suitable for underneath leaking machinery and equipment.





Airlaid Pads.

These heavy-weight pads, available in bales of 100, are colour-coded for convenience. Each pad is 43cm x 48cm and is capable of absorbing up to 1.35 litres each.

 product codes:

 SC01007 - white oil only.

 SC01008 - grey universal.

 SC01105 - hazchem.





Survivor Matting.

Heavy duty mat makes leaks and drips disappear. Stays on the job longer. Camouflage design ensures mat always looks clean. 95cm x 44 metre rolls.

 product code - SC01303.





Poly Booms.

Available in a variety of sizes for land and marine applications. Booms are colour coded:

yellow = hazchem; white = oil only; grey = universal.

 product codes:

 SC01506 - white oil only 8cm x 1.2m. SC01726 - white oil only 12.5cm x 3.0m. SC01727 - white oil only 12.5cm x 6.0m.

 SC01616 - grey 7.5cm x 1.2m.  SC01617 - grey 7.5cm x 1.8m. SC01618 - grey 7.5cm x 3.0m.

 SC01701 - yellow hazchem 7.5cm x 1.2m. SC01702 - yellow hazchem 7.5cm x 3.0m.





Poly Pillows.

Colour coded and available in a range of sizes, these pillows are retrievable from hard to reach places due to a convenient eyelet arrangement.

 SC01851 - white oil only 5cm x 40cm x 50cm without eyelet. SC01852 - white oil only 7.5cm x 45cm x 45cm with eyelet.

 SC01901 - grey universal 5cm x 40cm x 50cm without eyelet.

 SC01951 - yellow hazchem 5cm x 40cm x 50cm without eyelet.





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